I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0956    on  9.6.1939

Extraordinary proof of grace ....

Arrogance of the researchers ....

Wonderful, yet often incomprehensible to you humans are the ways of the Lord .... And so hear His comforting words today: You all do not yet grasp the meaning of His extraordinary proof of grace.  When the Lord speaks to you, it is not only for the purpose of instructing an individual, but this individual is only the recipient of what is addressed to all mankind.  The world rejects Divine intervention in earthly events, and it must now obviously be proven to it that a power is at work here which was inexplicable or unknown to it until now.  And such a proof always remains this work for every outsider who allows himself to be examined.

The love of God goes so far as to make people suspicious who in their self-assurance claim that the researches of science alone are authoritative and that through these a dissolution or destruction of everything connected with the earth has been perfectly established.  Especially such researches confuse the human mind more than what is beneficial for it, and so the necessity arises to first render this group of scholars harmless.

And it is now also understandable that both the spiritual friends as well as the spiritually striving man must only fight more and more against the arrogance displayed by these scientists .... All of these must be transformed right down to the innermost depths, and for this purpose, man will first have to shut himself off completely from the outside world, because only then will he be able to understand the rule and work of the eternal Godhead.  Those, however, who are not so attached to the world on the one hand, but on the other hand estimate their earthly knowledge too highly, the Father in heaven - in Whose arrival the world is no longer able to believe - wants to bring their erroneous view to their knowledge, and this can only happen by the evident presentation of world-events .....


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