I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0957    on  10.06.1939


Work of Creation

Researchers ....

Hence it is impossible to avert an event which was predetermined from the start and once again only for the purpose of returning countless fallen souls. The innermost structure of the Earth is constantly influenced by the activity of spiritual forces, and so an eruption will occur when it is permitted by the divine Creator, and this permission, in turn, depends on people's own will .... If humanity's state of soul is in grave danger due its own fault, a disaster is intended precisely in order to save it; hence people's will is ultimately the cause of the total destruction or of rescuing the soul from profound adversity. However, that which God decided in His profound wisdom from the very start has been concealed from the world but was proclaimed to those who live in Him and according to His order, as the Lord has always chosen those who, time and again, were supposed to proclaim His will to people. Nevertheless, this knowledge cannot be verified and is therefore rarely accepted as truth. But now worldly researchers also insist on entering a region which is inaccessible to them. They believe themselves capable of ascertaining the divine Creator's plan, i.e., by way of all sorts of calculations they try to determine the effects of natural laws; they even insist that they can numerically determine the date of the alleged end of the world and thereby effectively intend to subject the divine will to their calculations .... The human being is so small compared to the work of Creation and yet deems himself to know so much about things which are completely out of his reach as long as he does not try to attain them by spiritual means ..... He fails to recognise the only right path but, on the other hand, is very quickly willing to believe what is scientifically presented to him. The greatest intellect truly does not suffice to ascertain the truth, yet the profound faith of an uneducated person can penetrate the mysteries of Creation and reveal irrefutable knowledge. Therefore, you should always pay attention to what worldly researchers present to people as far as these investigations touch upon God's work of Creation, for this region is inaccessible to them as long as they don't endeavour to gain an insight by spiritual means .... For God Himself offers the eternal truth to His children on earth now and at all times ....


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