I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0964    on  14.6.1939

The Last Judgment ....

Divine Justice ....

You must think of the last judgment and try to imagine that God shall judge you in all justice and shall repay you for your actions and thoughts on earth.  Divine justice cannot absolve you, even if it is capable of infinite love, if you bear only the slightest guilt; every guilt, even the smallest, must be followed by atonement, wherever Divine justice is to pronounce it's judgment.

And so the day of judgment will also be a day of unspeakable remorse and the bitterest suffering and horribly agonizing to all those who have not made use of their stay on earth according to Divine commandment, because they will never be able to escape the judgment.  Whoever tries to escape responsibility on earth, will be inexorably called to account, and there will be no possibility left for him to cover up his deficient condition, because all actions and omissions will be openly and clearly recorded in the book of life and thus will also have to be answered for.  And Divine justice cannot be lenient where every sin demands just punishment.

And all bad and all good deeds will be weighed against each other, and the scales of judgment will be tilted to the side of the preponderance, and therefore the verdict will be passed in all justice, and good for him whose bad deeds do not have the preponderance .... good for him whose verdict is not called: Weighed and found too light .... Those who commit themselves to God the Lord on earth, will have nothing to fear on the last day, because their every step on earth was pleasing to God, they always recognized the Father in Him and therefore need never fear the hour of judgment, because in the consciousness of a life well-accomplished, there is no room for fear in the heart - and such an earthly child approaches the day of judgment without fear.

On the other hand it is unspeakably sad to have to see dear, close people answer for themselves and not to be able to avert their fate for the time being, because Divine justice demands of every man that he takes his punishment and his fate on himself in the hereafter, and this cannot be turned to another spirit-being at will, because this does not correspond to the sense of justice and therefore can also never ever be approved by the Divine Lord that a being escapes his deserved punishment and a pure being then has to go through the state of suffering in his stead.

So the day of judgment will trigger happiness and bliss as well as the most bitter disgrace and suffering, but the eternal justice lets no being suffer undeservedly or also be blessed undeservedly .... It is always the way of life on earth alone that determines whether the fate of the judged is bearable or unbearable, and everyone will earnestly strive to use life in such a way that works of love and the fulfillment of the commandments will have a particularly strong effect and thus the just judgment will not result in terror and despair.  For the heavenly Father is a just judge, and every good deed, but also every omission, will find it's rightful retribution in the hereafter. ....


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