I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

0977    on  23.06.1939

State of light ....

Life in the beyond in a state of light is likewise inconceivable to people. It exceeds all earthly joys a thousand-fold; nevertheless, it differs entirely from the kind of earthly joys and, therefore, imparts happiness and bliss beyond all measure. And no amount of the human being's imagination would be able to even roughly paint a picture that corresponds to the truth, for the heavenly pleasures awaiting a perfect being in these spheres are incomparable to anything on earth. In a state of light the being's sensitive faculty equally surpasses all earthly feelings, for this reason no-one on earth will ever be able to understand the degree of pleasure which is granted to these beings. During the time on earth it must also remain inconceivable for the being, so that the human being will strive of his own accord towards perfection and not for the sake of reward. Yet the knowledge of this immeasurable happiness in the beyond would make all people strive for it with greatest zeal; nevertheless, in order to be truly prefect good must be done for the sake of good, and the reward should not come first. And therefore the heavenly Father has wisely arranged to leave humanity in ignorance about that which He has prepared for those who love Him .... He wants to possess the earthly children's love, He wants to be their Father and reward their love in a Father's way .... by giving the child everything that belongs to Him .... Therefore strive to become true children of God, so that you can partake in all heavenly delights .... and you will be blissfully happy beyond measure for all eternity.


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