I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1012    on  20.7.1939

The sun ....

The sun draws it's light and brilliance from love  .... understand this well. .... God is love and God feeds everything that exists with His love-power; so also the innumerable suns, which go their courses in the universe.  Let the power of these suns be explained to you: It is of the greatest importance to know with what tremendous speed all the world-bodies traverse the universe.  The friction creates an extraordinary atmosphere just there, where certain resistances become noticeable, because friction produces heat and therefore an isolated, standing body does not necessarily need to radiate this heat.  Therefore, exactly an exceptionally moving body is necessary to generate certain degrees of heat, and therefore the sun could just as well be a cold mass, the earth would nevertheless produce so much heat by it's own speed in it's revolutions, that the demand would be completely covered.

Now, however, a spiritual explanation is to be inserted, which develops a completely different picture.  The effects of the sunbeams on the earth are only due to the fact that the Divine power continuously overflows through them onto the earth and it's inhabitants, that therefore what you see as sunbeams, are innumerable power-carriers which have their origin with God as the eternal Spirit of love - and influence everything on earth and therefore nourish it with gifts of love, commanded by the eternal Divinity Himself.  Every sunbeam carries countless small and smallest microbes in itself, which are again unspeakably vital for the existence of the living beings on earth.  Such light- and power-carriers must continuously establish the connection between the eternal Divinity and your beings, and therefore the contact must be established and remain, if the being is to be constantly nourished by this power, and this is therefore the purpose of the sun with it's rays .....


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