I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1013    on  21.7.1939

The sun ....

So what brings about this extraordinary brilliance? .... What is the connection between the forces to simultaneously ignite unimagined effects physically and spiritually and to ignite an extraordinary light and thus to remain inimitable in every respect? .... How do the spiritual currents relate to each other, and what visible or earthly explainable natural force underlies this luminous power? .... These are all questions which reach so deeply into spiritual knowledge, that the human intellect is truly too small to answer them for oneself.  Only where purely spiritual knowledge is striven for at the same time, enlightenment can be given about it, because only in the working of the spiritual forces, lies the reason of this miracle of creation.

Man's consciousness is so incomparably sublime, that he has a right to get information about it, that he may and also should fill in every gap of his knowledge and that therefore no limits are set to him, if he is interested in any questions concerning creation.  Just the sun with it's radiation-effect is for mankind indisputably the greatest riddle of nature, and nevertheless they desire little or not at all the instructions which are offered to them from above and which alone can again be authoritative, because only the Divinity itself can explain something having it's origin infinitely remote from the earth in detail and understandably.

The neutral combination of two elements results in a new substance .... and this law underlies everything.  The union of unexplored forces, on the other hand, produces certain frictions, because each force wants to express itself and displace the other.  Where now such frictions arise, the body standing in the center, whether it is solid or not, must ignite itself, i.e. rebel against the force pressing it.  Therefore, every appearance of light is a resistance of the one force to the second force which wants to express itself.  And it is the same with every spiritual power-current .....


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