I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1014    on  21.7.1939

The sun ....

Structured instruction can take place only if man, in addition to his willingness to receive, also feels a certain joy to be allowed to draw constantly from the Source of all wisdom. .... The desire for truth has a favorable effect insofar as the heart of man now opens most willingly to receive the gift intended for him.  Everything spiritual has the greatest interest in the explanations which your teacher submits to you, and so continue:

The sun's ray effect - The luminous flux in an electrical installation must be supplemented uninterruptedly, the more it is spent .... it is, however, first of all a condition that both external and hidden obstacles which could interrupt the electric circuit are to be removed, because the very slightest obstacle would be tantamount to stagnation and thus endangerment of the respective receiving device .... The supply line to the ground must likewise be free of any kind of obstacles, because without this, there could occur immensely damaging effects on everything in this circuit.

God's creation is so exceedingly artfully constructed, that all obstacles disappears, so the sun appears as light-bearer.  Just the elimination of everything that could impair the effect of the rays again testifies to the omnipotence of Divine activity, because naturally the Divine will must banish everything that could seriously endanger the earth and it's inhabitants.

For human discretion now the radiation effect of the sun on the earth is a consequence of the strained activity of everything spiritual, which the human thinking tries to influence .... It is also again about the power of the stronger, because this presses the succumbing power.   Therefore it will hardly be possible to justify the emergence of the sun rays in another way than that spiritual beings with infinite power from God approach the earth in the greatest crowd and now deploy themselves in order to prevent being inhibited by the power from God, and therefore a constant activity of these spiritual beings must have again the consequence that no moment in the earthly existence, the Divine or spiritual power gets into stagnation and in this way the uninterrupted irradiation of the earth by the sun, finds it's explanation. ....


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