I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1042    on  8.8.1939

Spiritual leader ....

Why calling for help is necessary ....

It is so incomparably comforting to be able to walk life on earth in the constant care of spiritual guides, and this thought is exceedingly reassuring for all those who lack willpower and yet do not want to act contrary to God's will.  Whoever lives in constant threat, must also know constant protection around him, in order not to become fearful in spite of the threat .... And every person is in an endangered position considering that the opposing power continuously struggles for his soul and therefore has the greatest interest in bringing people down.

But if man takes his refuge in the spiritual forces, which were associated with him for protection for the earthly career, these can now carefully protect the earthly child and block the way for the bad forces to man's soul, and this means an enormous relief for the struggling soul.  However, the calling of these forces is absolutely necessary, which are ready to help at any time, but are not allowed to hand out their help unsolicited according to Divine law.

For the love-power of these perfected spirit-beings is so great, that they would not let any earthly being get into trouble and danger of it's own accord, but consequently there would also be no possibility for man to get into danger at all; and the dangers on the other hand must influence the earthly child to be active of it's own accord and also even to call for spiritual help of it's own accord, in order to thereby express free will, which must inevitably first be offered to the Father in heaven.

But if he turns to the Father in heaven of his own accord, then the spiritual friends also have every opportunity to provide him with all conceivable assistance, for the preconditions are then fulfilled which make the person on earth a partaker of the Divine bestowal of grace, which also includes the care provided by spiritual friends.  In this you will always recognize the wise care of the Lord .... Help is available to you in unlimited measure, it is offered to you in every form, and you are never defenseless in life if you need it and therefore sincerely ask for it.


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