I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1051    on  12.8.1939

The eternal Divinity ....

Suns and celestial bodies in endless number circle in the universe, and the Creator shows them their course, and innumerable beings are assigned to these celestial bodies, and the omnipotence and wisdom of God keeps everything created in wise order, and His will maintains everything existing.  And the development of all living in this creation is a process decided from eternity, and all events must take the course predetermined by the eternal Divinity, because in His wisdom, God recognized the most useful way for the being to mature from the beginning up to the complete merging with the elementary power.  There is no entity, which even approximates the enormous size of the Divine consciousness of power and strength, because everything which has come out of God as the Creator of all things, loses itself in the infinity and is an isolated living creating being, until it has entered into union with the Creator and Producer again.

It is a miniature of the eternal Godhead .... likewise powerful and mighty by the union with all spiritual power in and around itself.  For this is of Divine origin, it is Spirit from God, it is indivisible Divine power and is therefore the link from God to His created beings, and whoever has therefore become a bearer of Divine power by utilizing this spiritual power, approaches the eternal Divinity Himself more and more, His power and strength become greater and greater, and finally the originally created being unites with it's Creator and only then recognizes how overwhelming and unimaginable the eternal Deity works everywhere and at any time in the infinitely wide world-space ....


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