I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1053    on  13.8.1939

God of love ....

Not God of vengeance and wrath ...

Do not presume to speak the name of the Lord without having Him in your heart and to frighten the people to whom you want to preach the gospel with His omnipotence and  wrath.  Mankind can only be persuaded to accept the gospel and to stand in the right faith by the way of the love of the heart, because only a God of love can give these commandments where love precedes all thinking and acting .... and only a God of love can turn to people with mercy and protect them from the danger of falling into the abyss .... and only a God of love took the work of redemption upon Himself .... only a God of love let the work of creation come into being in order to help all beings out of Him and to lead them one day into the kingdom full of power and glory.

And if you refer thus to God, then you must do this with the greatest love in your heart, you must likewise lean towards your fellow man in deepest love and preach to them about God's love and mercy .... You must never ascribe the weaknesses and faults of mankind to the highest Being, you must not make use of such means to make people's minds submissive and thereby present them with a false image, because this only confuses the concept of the eternal Godhead.

And if you are now to stand up for the Word of the Lord, you must only always let love prevail, accept your neighbor in gentleness and peaceableness, teach him lovingly, do him good and thus let the power of love have an effect on the fellow human being, and this will touch his heart, it will awaken reciprocal love and will therefore ignite the Divine in man .... And only in this way does man approach the eternal Godhead .... Who is pure love in Himself.

But if you present God as a punishing judge, as a God of vengeance and wrath, then only fear can move people to fulfill their duties, and their actions are devoid of love. .... Learn to understand that only love can redeem you .... Give to your fellow men with full hearts and hands, do good to them constantly, bless them if they curse you, and make the world of hate turn to love .... Then you live in the will of God, and the kingdom of God has come down to you.

And those who preach the gospel are to make an effort to be peaceable and gentle of heart, for from them the light is to go out, which no shadow is to dim, and so they are not to make a spectacle before the world and be angry and quick-tempered .... For this weakens the will to love of the fellow human being; man wants to be educated and moved to love in all love, and therefore you should practice gentleness and patience, you should always and constantly keep in mind the Lord's heavenly patience on earth, and you should be mindful of the fact that the love and patience of the heavenly Father still applies to His creatures today and only love lets all suffering come over people, so that they may find their way back to Him .... And so you should always only preach about infinite love and be active in love yourselves .... and you will bring souls to the Lord God in great numbers ....


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