I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1091    on  13.9.1939

Man's external way of acting ....

Inner life ....

Not always does the external way of acting of a person reveal the spiritual state, and not always does the spiritual striving have such an effect that it allows the outsiders a clear insight into the inner life of the person concerned.  And so wrong conclusions are often drawn by people, it seems that the way of acting does not concur with what the person strives for in reality, and may therefore often lead to fallacious conclusions.  And yet such concealment of the true fact is likewise permitted by the Lord, so that people may strive to make a just judgment, and not exalt or even judge a man according to what is outwardly apparent.

Who - with the intention to serve God the Lord - always strives to bring the external action always in harmony with all inner feeling, will hardly give the fellow world cause for conscious deception .... The clearer and freer a person's inner life is, the easier it will be to recognize his entire life on earth, and accordingly, the fellow human being will be driven to attain the same spiritual maturity, because he now clearly recognizes the influence of good spiritual power. .... On the other hand, he who hides himself - i.e., does not show his true nature to his fellow human beings, i.e. does not let his fellow human being see his true soul-image - will also run the risk of being misjudged, and his earthly task will be correspondingly more difficult to solve, since the spiritual powers are not available to him who hides himself in the same proportion as is the case with an earthly child who also outwardly fulfils every commandment of love.

Therefore, people who prove their piety outwardly, are far more likely to be accepted as believers, because a person often only recognizes it when the deep meaning of all actions can be recognized.  However, anyone whose conduct completely contradicts the commandments of charity, his spirit can never be of Divine origin, and the effects of his actions will never result in an ennoblement of his fellow men, but the number of those who despise and condemn his actions, will always increase, and consequently such a man will not, or will be little fitted to revive among mankind the laws of love to God and neighbor, for if his own actions do not correspond to this supreme commandment, he will also find few fellow-men who will endeavor to imitate him, and therefore the word applies here also: "By their fruits ye shall know them ...." - and you should always keep this in mind when you are in doubt about the value of a human being .....


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