I speak to you                          through  Bertha Dudde

1164    on  7.11.1939

Divine guidance ....

Unlimited trust in Divine guidance must take root deep within you, only then you can overcome everything difficult with ease.  It must be the guideline of all thinking that the Divine Lord and Creator guides every individual life .... so He does not encounter resistance .... always towards perfection.  Man must know that not one moment of life approaches him thoughtlessly, but that everything is only always a means to help the soul ..... That man himself is often the cause when the side-effects of life appear to him to be difficult and unbearable ..... That through his own will, he often puts his soul in such danger, that it can only be led back to the right path through severe suffering and strokes of fate.

So many stages of development have preceded the stay in the human body .... all of them have contributed to achieve a certain degree of maturity, and every human course of life is suitable to bring the soul inhabiting this body to perfection - provided, however, that it uses all offered possibilities.  If it does not do this, then the covers of the soul will understandably thicken instead of dissolving, and now the life conditions must occur in such a way that they can bring indirect help to the soul.

And therefore not one event in human existence is meaningless and purposeless, not a single moment admitted without the will of the Lord.  If man keeps in mind that he is constantly led by the faithful Father-hand, only to reach his last goal, then his trust in this Divine guidance must grow and finally become so strong, that he willingly surrenders himself to this guiding Father-hand.  He must accept everything he encounters on his earthly career in the rock-solid conviction that it is only good for the salvation of his soul.  He must bear with the greatest patience all suffering or small adversities of life and only let the heavenly Father prevail .... he will recognize in every trial only the admonishing call of the Father, which he should strive to follow willingly.

And if he surrenders himself completely to the guidance of the Father, he will soon be relieved, for his soul will willingly do what serves it and no longer needs aggravating means to mature.  Demonstrating faithful trust in days of need, is infinitely beneficial for the state of the soul.  For man then recognizes the supreme power and willingly submits to all orders ..... He knows that help will come to him at the right time, he patiently awaits it and does not rebel against the Divine will.  And raising his prayer to the Father in deep, childlike trust, is the surest guarantee for the fulfillment of his will ..... For the Father wants His child to come to Him in every need of the soul ....

He wants to help him, because the soul confesses it's weakness and it's faith in him ..... It is on the right path, and therefore suffering can be removed again.  Therefore, man should never let himself be depressed by suffering, but should commend himself to the Father in heaven with the most faithful trust ..... Everything is imposed on him by the Father for his own good, and if the child recognizes this, he will also take the right path, comply with the Divine will and in all distress and hardship take refuge in the Father, Who will free him from all hardship ....


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