I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 08.08.1941 

2020   Inner voice .... Thought .... Deed ....

Anything a person’s innermost feeling objects to does not comply with God’s will either, providing his willingness to serve God determines his thoughts and actions. He is exposed to the most varied temptations from the adversary’s side. Every weakness of will is used by him in order to cause him harm. Yet an earthly child devoted to God also feels the most subtle impulses directed against it, and therefore everything the human being affirms in his innermost heart will be right, and that which fills it with discomfort will be wrong. Even that which benefits the comfort of his body will make him feel slightly uneasy if it does not comply with divine will but corresponds to the adversary’s will instead, for this reason the human being should pay attention to the gentle voice in his heart and always follow it. Each action originates from a thought and the thought is the influence of a good or evil power on the person. The thought is the spiritual flow of the power the human being hands himself over to. And the thought is followed by the deed with the use of God’s strength .... If a positive thought comes to a person, that is, if he receives the mediation of good spiritual beings, he cannot do anything but execute these thoughts by availing himself of the indwelling strength and activating his will. The more unresisting good spiritual forces find a person, the more diligently he performs his occupation, the more he utilises his thoughts, and this is tireless work, it is constant activity. And if the human being lets the good thoughts take effect in him, if he listens to the good spiritual beings, he can only carry out good deeds. However, unscrupulous people also accept the transfers by evil forces and also activate their will by committing bad deeds. Yet they will not be prevented from doing so. If they do not heed the inner voice then all efforts by the good beings are in vain, their influence is minimal, consequently they withdraw from people until they look for God again of their own accord and thus He allows Himself to be found by them. If a person’s striving for perfection is great, he will also recognise whether the inner voice gives him the right advice and he will also feel what he should reject, for God gives the striving person the right understanding, and he should only pay attention to his innermost voice, for he will be guided right at all times ....


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