I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.10.1941 

2104   Innermost feeling guiding principle for way of life ....

The human being’s innermost feeling is the guiding principle for his way of life. As long as a person asks questions he neither negates nor affirms anything, and then his inner voice speaks to him to which he only needs to pay attention in order to be on the right path. Being able to affirm is often very difficult as long as faith is lacking, yet only the will makes the decision. If it is good, then the human being will unhesitatingly accept what he is told by his innermost feeling, for with his questioning he opened his heart to the influence of friends in the beyond. But a person whose will is still subject to the adversary’s control keeps his heart closed to these suggestions. Thus he opposes and rejects them, that is, he negates. Paying attention to the voice of his heart will only ever be done be a person who is willing to do what is right. For he asks questions and waits for an answer. An unwilling person lives without asking questions relating to spiritual knowledge, because he negates everything of a spiritual nature, i.e., a life beyond the earthly life. And someone who does not ask questions cannot receive a reply. A person’s thinking mostly revolves around earthly things, and he considers the time spent on spiritual research a waste of time. In that case, however, he is still so materialistically inclined that he lacks the sentiment for the gentle voice within himself. Therefore he will not pay attention to his innermost feelings either. Thus is inner voice will predominantly sound where the love for the world, the sense for all earthly things, for matter, begins to diminish .... Only then will a person occupy himself with deeper thoughts with the results that he will often question himself .... so that he then, in a manner of speaking, will also give himself the answer which, however, was actually mentally transmitted to him by spiritual friends .... For as soon as his will is good and does not reject God he will receive the truth mentally and he can confidently believe his inner voice .... hence his innermost sentiment .... and subsequently do what he is impelled to do. Only the will must aspire towards that which is good .... he must want to do what is right then he will invariably also be shown the path which he should take ....


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