I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 22.10.1942 

2521   Notice of an event .... Spiritual transformation .... (Rome?)

Those of you who are not yet living in truth will have to surrender much of your spiritual wealth because the time will come when you shall witness the collapse of much that you had deemed indestructible. You will realise that human work will not last even if it had managed to survive for a long time. You will find it inconceivable that divine providence will initiate a work of destruction which simultaneously will denote a major spiritual change and strongly disturb the thoughts of people who believe themselves to live in truth. And you won’t be able to find any other explanation than God’s unmistakable demonstration that you are misguided. This mistake is already too deep-rooted in you that you could liberate yourselves from it and therefore God wants to help you .... He wants to show you that everything has to yield to His will, including that which has survived for thousands of years. God gave human beings free will, subsequently He had to withdraw His will where human will opposed it. Thus he did not prevent the structure of an establishment which did not correspond to His will. However, His will was secretly respected and observed, unnoticed by the world and therefore little known, yet resisting hostile interference. But humanity was pleased with this structural work which asserted itself with much pomp and splendour and which found many followers. But one day even this work will come to an end and this end will happen in full view of all people ....

A building deemed indestructible will tremble and result in an event which will claim many victims in every sense.

God’s intervention will shock people’s thoughts. But God wants to prove to people that all human creations deteriorate and that everything which comes from God directly will continue. He wants to inform people that they are misguided, He wants to make them receptive for the pure truth. And in view of the disastrous change many people will stop and think, they will question the credibility of their previous teachings because the breakdown has robbed them of all faith. And this event is not far away, the whole world will be involved and, if they are faithful, recognise an obvious sign sent by God to the people on earth for the salvation of their souls ....


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