I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 29.07.1944 

3204   Total change earthly and spiritually ....

Extensive changes are at hand in the physical as well as in the spiritual realm .... because the unavoidable spiritual upheaval also calls for a total earthly change in every way. This first occurs in the creations of nature which have to be completely transformed since their present structure is no longer adequate for the spirit’s process of maturity. The spiritual substance which is now striving towards higher development has to travel the path of development in a shorter time than before and needs different forms to serve, although in a condition of constraint. And this change of nature drastically affects the human generation which lives on earth before its transformation. The preceding time will lack all order, there is a complete disintegration process even in respect to worldly issues; people will violate the divine order, they will carry out an extremely strong destructive will, there will be unsurpassed chaos and people will be entirely earthly minded except for a few who consciously pray for and receive divine mercy. And since an offence against the divine order ultimately has to result in destruction, it is obvious that everything in existence has to be, if not destroyed, at least transformed to restore order, which is absolutely essential for the development of the spiritual substances.

The creations of nature change in accordance with God’ will .... the human spirit, which previously had completely separated itself from God, will take these creations as their abode; and since the new period of redemption has a shorter duration than the previous one, the new creations will be of a completely different consistency than those of the old earth .... They will be somewhat harder and thus more compelling which is a far more agonising condition for the constrained spirit than any previous earthly progress has been. Thus the God-opposing will is intended to be shattered within a shorter period of time in order to liberate it for continuation of its evolutionary progress in other creations. As a result, the whole process of transformation also signifies a complete spiritual change.

The time will come when no opposing power can prevent the souls’ ascent because they have resisted temptations and trials and no longer require them. They have the degree of maturity which, in unity with God, has become a recipient of light and strength. They live a blessed and peaceful existence which is in fact eternal life, but experienced on earth because they will start a new human generation, which is necessary for the higher development of the immature spiritual substances in creation, i.e. they have to fulfil earthly tasks to help the still struggling spiritual substances to ascend. Thus it is a heavenly paradise on earth, and blessed is the person who is permitted to experience this peaceful state as an inhabitant of the new earth. It will be a time of calm, of peace, because the battle between light and darkness has temporarily ceased, darkness being the furthest distance from God and light being the closest proximity to Him. The furthest away from God is banished and requires a period of time for its redemption which ensures a peaceful spiritual life for those who are closest to God, which will be unimaginably beautiful for the human beings who survive the end of the old earth, because they had remained faithful to God during the previous extremely difficult time of battle and can now exchange the chaotic condition for a state of profound peace and divine order.

God’s spirit will govern them, His love will look after them, He Himself will stay as Father with His children audibly as well as visibly, and after the conclusion of the old era, which ends with the Last Judgment, a new period of redemption will begin .... And this Last Judgment amounts to the disintegration of everything on this earth .... solid matter, plant and animal life as well as the human generation shall experience a total change, as God’s love and wisdom has ordained and His omnipotence will bring about .... so that the God-opposing spirit will give up its resistance and change ....


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