I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.03.1945 

3460   ‘Blessed are the merciful ....’

Blessed are the merciful, who support their neighbour in adversity and hardship and help him overcome it .... My grace visibly rests upon them for they fulfil My commandments, they love Me Myself because they meet their neighbour, My living creation, with love .... Someone helpless and forsaken will feel grateful for the love offered to him; it will awaken reciprocated love, the significance of which cannot be assessed by you on earth .... the fact that every spark of love signifies a release from the opposing power, a change which starts the return to Me, which can only take place in love. Loving help will always be comforting for a person in any earthly and spiritual adversity. Love gives strength, after all, it originates from Me, the eternal love, and can only have a life-giving effect. Helping someone brings forth positive thoughts and feelings, it touches the other person’s soul and encourages similar actions, and every activity of love distances a person from My adversary, hence it shortens his distance from Me. Carrying out merciful deeds are essential in times of trouble, when body and soul are ailing, when physical ailments must be the results of psychological adversity, so that people will come to their senses and find the path to Me. And you show this path to them if you practise mercy, if, in unselfish neighbourly love, you lift up your fellow human being in body and soul with kind deeds, comforting words of encouragement and loving care. Then body and soul will be able to recover, for the latter feels the strength of love and becomes strong and willing to strive towards Me .... Love will awaken love in return and where the spark of love has been kindled I Myself can work, because I can be wherever love exists. And where I Am the adversity will ease .... according to the degree of love the person feels. Therefore, try eagerly to arouse reciprocated love and you will redeem the souls through your works of mercy .... Redeeming souls, however, will lead to a blissful fate in the beyond for you, where only love will be valued and the souls will forever be thankful to you that you showed them the right way ....


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