I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 06.12.1945 

3621   ‘Whoever sees Me sees the Father ....’

Whoever sees Me sees the Father, because the Father and I are one .... I brought the Word to people but they did not recognise it as God’s Word, as the expression of His infinite love for His living creations. They looked at it as human word, given to them by Me from Myself, because they were dark inside and did not know about God’s working within the human being .... Hence they could no longer hear God’s voice themselves, which could have provided evidence to them of God’s presence, of His essence and his close relationship with people. I, however, wanted to return this knowledge to them, I wanted to introduce them to the strength of love and faith, so that they might become noticeably aware of God’s presence if they heeded My teaching .... I came to them as a mediator sent by God to proclaim His Word to people of good will in accordance with His instruction. The eternal Father-Spirit took abode in Me to visibly work through Me .... Everything I said and did was His work, His will, His strength and His love ..... I was merely the form through which God expressed Himself, or His presence would have been unbearable for the people who were living in profound spiritual darkness .... And the form which veiled the Father-Spirit also belonged to Him, for everything within Me aspired towards the Father-Spirit, albeit it was a mortal shell like any other human being .... But because of the spirit within Itself It became immortal ....

I was Jesus, the man, but only in My external appearance, because everything in and about Me was spiritualised by love, it was united with the eternal love to which I was inseparably connected since eternity. God as a spirit is not visible to human beings, nevertheless He made Himself visible to them in Me as a person, He adopted My physical garment and showed Himself in it to people, identifying Himself as wisdom, love and omnipotence. And to those who believed in Me My work on earth gave evidence of the Deity through miracles, which were only possible to God and which My will could accomplish because God was in Me, and thus His will, wisdom and strength permeated Me .... Hence there was no further separation between God and My mortal body, It had become one with Him, He occupied it completely, He Himself walked on earth in My external form, which in turn was a work of His love in order to make Himself accessible to people .... And I brought His Word to them .... He Himself spoke through Me, He, the eternal Word Himself, had become flesh in order to make Himself heard by people. Because they no longer knew the mystery of eternal love, the eternal Father-Spirit, Whose Word establishes the bond with people ....

They no longer knew about the strength of the Word which draws everything towards Itself when it can become effective in a person .... They did not know that every human being could hear the divine Word Itself in himself if he shaped himself to love in accordance with God’s will, in order to receive the divine love Itself .... For this reason God came to earth Himself, and He brought them the knowledge again which should release the people from their darkness .... And people did not recognise Him, they pursued Me, Who sheltered the Divine inside of Me, as a human being .... And I had to allow it to happen in order to safeguard their free will. I brought the Word to them but they did not accept it, and they did not recognise in Me the One Who permeated Me completely .... They saw Me but not God in Me, Who did not conceal Himself from their view but performed signs and miracles in order to make the blind see again .... But to those who believed He revealed Himself in His love, wisdom and omnipotence ..... And they saw Him rise to heaven in full glory, they saw His shell spiritualising itself before their eyes and in radiating light ascend to the kingdom which had been its home since eternity ....


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