I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 10.12.1945 

3624   ‘Become as little children ....’

Become as little children and take refuge with Me in every adversity .... and don’t be afraid, for your heavenly Father does not allow anything to happen that is not beneficial for you. Have faith and trust in Me, your Father of eternity, that I will hold My hands protectively over you and simply regard every ailment of the body as a caring way of helping your soul. However, you should know that the body’s adversity, too, will be cured by Me if you firmly believe in it and recognise My Fatherly love in everything, regardless of what happens. Be as carefree as children and leave it to the Father to take care of you, just make sure you fulfil your heavenly Father’s will and My Fatherly love will take hold of you and draw you to My heart. Don’t ask and speculate fearfully what might become of you, but remain calm and simply wait for the Father’s help if adversity weighs you down. Totally rely on Me Who guides you wherever you go. Your strength rests in your childlike trust and humble prayer, for I will not disappoint this and grant your prayer at all times. Yet do not worry and doubt .... My Fatherly love will save you from every danger and the call of My child will never go unheeded .... But in order to become as children you must relinquish all resistance, you must only ever want Me to lead you by the hand and you must follow Me willingly and never want to take different paths .... And thus you must pray with faithful trust and devotedly rely on Me and then regard every happening as My will .... For it is My will, nothing happens against My will if you commend your problems to Me. Only someone who acts on his own, without having appealed for My blessing and My support, activates his will with appropriate results, yet not always in his favour. I cannot grant My help to him because he would not recognise it as My help but regard it as his own merit. Yet for My children I will even out their every path, even if it appears difficult to travel. Just hand yourselves over to My guidance with complete trust and you will always feel a loving Fatherly hand which will guide you safe and sound through every calamity of this world. And always draw comfort and strength from My Word .... Let the Father speak to His children, and accept every Word of love so that it will impel you to love in turn. Never let the Father’s voice go unheeded but be glad that you may hear it, that the Father thereby reveals His love for you, and follow Him and His Word with joyful zest .... And you will gain My approval, you will feel My Fatherly love increasingly more, you will no longer fear any adversity and be safe and secure in My heart ....


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