I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 11.05.1946 

3767   ‘I Am the way, the truth, and the life ....’

Only truth can lead to eternal life for you, for I Am the truth Myself and only through Me can you enter the eternal kingdom .... I Am the way, the truth and the life .... if you know the truth you will also take the right path which aims towards eternal life. Pure truth is the result of activity of love and this is the only way of changing the soul’s state of death into a state of life. Therefore, since I Am the eternal Love, I Am the way to Myself for My living creations, they must enter this path without fail in order to reach Me, Who alone gives them the eternal life. And in order to follow Me, in order to live a life of love on earth, they must be guided into truth, that is, they must first be taught how to shape their earthly life in order to then, through their compliance with My teaching, also be able to recognise the pure truth from Me, since without love all knowledge remains dead knowledge, it remains intellectual knowledge but not the knowledge of the heart, which alone gives life. I Am the way, the truth and the life .... I you seek Me you will enter the right path and find the truth and thus also acquire eternal life. I will come close to anyone who desires the truth for the sake of truth and guide him on the path of love, and if he does not resist his spirit will awaken to life and instruct him according to truth .... Then he will have found Me and will never lose Me again, he will be alive and can never die again .... Yet only true love can accomplish this, which is the result of unselfish loving actions .... No misguided teaching will lead to unity with Me, every misguided teaching extends the path of ascent, it feigns another goal to people and only a firm will to reach the right goal averts the great danger of going completely astray. However, without Me you will not find the right way, you must call upon Me, you must accept My instructions, you must take the path which I exemplified on earth, the path of love, in order to attain the truth, the recognition of Me Myself and eternal life. You must live in love because you cannot unite yourselves with Me without love, because I, the eternal Love, Am also the ultimate goal of the path of love and because you are still spiritually dead, that is, entirely without realisation, with no knowledge of divine wisdom, as long as your nature is totally alien to My fundamental nature, and therefore you cannot live as long as you don’t unite with Me, which can only take place through love ....


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