I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 17.05.1946 

3773   God’s intervention ....

My will shall defeat human will, My intervention shall prevent people’s intentions, and before long every power shall be weakened in as much as by itself it is helpless against My will .... For I will show the world that it cannot exclude Me and that I will redirect earthly affairs when human beings are no longer able to do so themselves. I allow events to run their course until it is clearly apparent which power wants to assert itself on earth, but then I won’t hesitate any longer and disable this power, if only temporarily, so that the time shall be fulfilled. I will visibly appear before the end, i.e. I will once more approach all human beings as overwhelming strength which only expresses itself destructively because nothing else but fear can persuade people to call upon Me .... the fear of death from which they cannot be saved without My help. There is no other way to turn their thoughts towards Me. And earthly power will disappear into thin air; it is equally incapable of resisting the forces of nature through which I will speak. A sudden change will occur, all human considerations will become invalid, new problems will have to be solved, new difficulties will appear and much strength will be needed yet again to master the new situation .... And this is My will.

I have compassion for humanity which, in spite of the most severe hardship, cannot find its way to Me, which only takes notice of world events and does not detect therein the effect of its deluded reasoning and extreme distance from God .... which believes that all fault and origin of adversity rests in human will but not in their own spiritual poverty, which is the cause and which every human being should aim to resolve. And thus I will confront people with My will to make them realise that they are also at the mercy of another Power so that they will approach this Power for help .... that they acknowledge Me .... because only then will I be able to help them. People are in urgent need of help, yet they close themselves to the strength they require. And to make them receptive of this strength I will allow severe suffering to happen. In just a short time you will hear Me, and the truth of My Word will be proven to you and blessed are those who believe before I provide them with proof, blessed are those who prepare themselves and constantly draw their strength from Me, for they need not fear the hardship, nor will they be harmed by the forces of nature, because this is My will ....


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