I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 05.06.1946 

3791   Rapture .... From all directions .... Gospel ....

I will fetch My Own from all directions, from all countries on Earth at the end of days .... For wherever people dwell My Own are represented, who love Me and their neighbour with all their heart and due to this love recognise the true God, the Father of eternity, Who is love, wisdom and strength in Itself. And wherever people dwell My Own know that the time of the end has arrived, because anyone who lives in love is spiritually awake and therefore enlightened by Me as to what is about to happen. My Word can be heard everywhere, and it is offered to people from the kingdom of light and they receive it according to their ability .... they hear it as a spoken Word in their heart, they receive it mentally, they hear it through mediation by My enlightened servants on earth. And they will always recognise it as truth since they desire it and through their way of life, a way which corresponds to My commandment of love, make themselves worthy of being taught by Me. And thus the Gospel is proclaimed throughout the world, as I promised, for I Myself take care of My Own, I Myself provide them with that which is most needed and the most delectable that can be offered to them on earth.

Yet not one of them can be spared the battle of faith before the end, although it will happen in different ways .... they will have to profess Me to those who are without faith. They may not hide their activity of love, if it is required of them. They will be subject to tribulations for the sake of their faith before the end arrives. And all those who are awakened will be able to work within their circle, for unbelievers everywhere will confront My Own and trying to pull them over to their side shall be the endeavour of those who received the truth from Me, who became My Own through love .... And when hardship and tribulation appear to get intolerable I will come Myself and fetch My Own into My kingdom .... I will lift them in the flesh from this earth, which will require a complete transformation, and return them to the new earth again once the work of transformation has been accomplished. And people of all nations will praise My power and glory, for I will extend My hand to wherever people dwell to save those who are in utmost danger and reward them for their steadfastness of faith and their faithfulness towards Me .... And then the external shape of the earth will be destroyed before the eyes of all who oppose Me. And a new Earth will arise as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....


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