I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.06.1946 

3810   Time of trouble ....

Very soon you will be subject to further hardship, you will experience adversities which will almost seem to crush you; but then you should know that I will be closer to you than ever. Hand yourselves over to My guidance completely and remain true to Me in your hearts, so that you will recognise and profess Me in spite of all the hardship, then I will truly not leave you and you can utterly believe My Word. Nevertheless, the adversity must happen so that what is written will come true, so that the time of immense affliction is apparent to every person and can also be recognised as the last stage before the end .... The world does not want to regulate the earthly situation amicably, instead, it incites renewed struggles and wars between the nations, thus global events will enter into a new phase for a short period of time. The renewed tension between the nations will result in immense earthly adversity which My will shall bring to an end when the time is right. Yet you, My Own, need not fear this time of adversity, although it will affect you as well in various ways. For you it only signifies a test of faith again which you can pass if you join Me more firmly than ever and confidently hand yourselves over to My guidance and help. That which will happen very shortly will prove My Word to you, and then you should only abide by Me and I will help you in every adversity and danger. For everything can be overcome with My help, nothing is impossible for My strength and power, and no prayer will be left unanswered if you believe in Me and call upon Me from the bottom of your heart. You humans must live through this short phase so that your soul will derive benefit from it, and although it will be brought to a halt through My intervention it will be followed by a different tribulation. It is the time of adversity before the end and good for him who recognises it as the time of the end .... He will draw comfort and hope from every one of My Words, he will not despair but unite with Me in even more sincerity than ever and endure all earthly adversities and dangers without harm to his soul because I Myself will take him by his hand and guide him, and provide him with strength and light ....


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