I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 29.10.1946 

3918   Selfless service in every walk of life .... Poverty .... Willingness to give ....

Everything you do you should do in the knowledge that you are carrying out divine will. Therefore you have to entrust all your thoughts, words and actions to Him, you have to request His blessing for this and entirely commend yourselves to His divine guidance .... you have to put His will completely in charge of your daily life, that is, you only need want your way of life to be pleasing to Him and always do your best to attain His love. Then you can neither speak nor do anything which opposes God and your life on earth will not be unsuccessful for your souls. You fulfil God’s will when the commandment of love becomes the guiding principle of your life, then you live up to the most important law and God will bless you, spiritually as well as worldly.

Your purpose on earth is to serve unselfishly and you can do so in every situation, irrespective of whether you are poor or wealthy, great or small, respected and powerful or inconspicuously weak .... You can always be of service providing you want to be of service. Every human being is offered ample opportunity to serve kindly and no one should believe to be in need of receiving help themselves and reduce their own resolve to give because he has nothing to give .... Even the poorest can give .... and if he has no material wealth then he can give love and thereby awaken the love in others .... he can be willing to give and his will is then likened to a good deed. But at all times God only looks into the heart and no impulse remains hidden from Him therein.

An outwardly apparent great act of love can be worthless in the eyes of God if the heart does not feel the love which displays the deed; and even the smallest gift is pleasing to God if it is given with a loving heart. And anyone who honestly wants to give gladly will also give of the little he owns, he won’t fearfully question but share instead .... And it will be returned to him many times over because the Lord says ‘as you give so you shall receive ....’ and His Word is truth. Thus no one should keep his possessions anxiously to himself when he endeavours to live in accordance with God’s will, he should give gladly because his action of love will reward him with far greater blessings than his few possessions could ever offer. Because he will receive exceptionally more, both earthly and spiritually .... his soul will mature, he will always be correctly guided because God Himself takes care of those who want to live as it pleases Him, and because His guidance is the guarantee to reach the goal. Only one factor is required of you: that you live with love .... that your thoughts, words and actions will always be guided by the love of your heart and that you devoutly commend yourselves to Him, Who gave you your life so that your souls can mature .... With His grace and strength you are able to do everything, even during times of greatest physical and spiritual difficulties you can do deeds of kindness providing you unite with the Eternal Love Itself through prayer, which will give you unlimited strength and grace because you want to draw nearer to Him with deeds of love ....


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