I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 03.06.1947 

4055   Fatherly Words to His servants on Earth ....

All your worries will become invalid if you consider how close it is to the end. Anyone who has decided to work for the spiritual kingdom should always remember his assigned task and how much determination he will need if he wants to accomplish this task fully. And so he should only ever strive to receive greater willpower, he should turn to Me and request it and I will truly not fail to answer his prayer, I will influence his thoughts, guide his will in the right direction and thus show him the path to Me which he will take because he will be drawn by My love .... Having handed himself over to Me he will have become My possession, and once I possess something I will never release it again, I will ever more powerfully draw it higher, and since I constantly walk by its side I will not let it go astray, supporting and holding it when it is at risk of falling. That which is My Own can confidently walk every step on earth, for I will spread My hands under its feet and carry it across all cliffs of life. On account of its will it will have become part of Me, and that which is My Own cannot go astray again. For this reason you must accept all changes in your circumstances, you must recognise My will in everything that comes upon you and know that My love takes special care of you and determines My intervention if the world wants to push itself into the foreground with the intention of captivating you. Travel your path without worry and don’t forget that I will always walk with you, that I will guide you along flowery paths because My love also wants to grant you joy on earth, but that you will have to walk across thorns and thistles as well because My wisdom knows that it will benefit your soul. And thus always let Me be your constant guide and companion, call upon Me if you come to a crossroad and don’t know which way to go, and you will clearly feel that I stand next to you and gently push you on the path you should pursue until the end .... which will lead you to Me, into the spiritual kingdom where you can expect the bliss and peace you will never ever find on earth ....


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