I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 18.06.1947 

4065   Pre-ordained course of life - Destiny corresponding to will ....

Every path is pre-ordained even though you believe to have chosen it yourselves. Although you apparently determine your course of life yourselves because you can, at times, plan it in accordance with your will, but I have known of this will since eternity and have taken it into account, and therefore your destiny corresponds to your will; which means, that your life develops in a way that your will can turn towards Me and has ample opportunity to acknowledge Me. However, how your will decides is entirely up to you, I won’t compel it or you would not need to live your life in the first place if I wanted perfect entities by means of force. My only goal is to enable the spirit to achieve the highest possible maturity of soul on earth but meet with all-round resistance.

Yet human beings cannot alter the course of their life and thus have to submit to everything if they want to achieve spiritual benefit. Every resistance, every complaint and grumble reduces your psychological success because it testifies of a will that is still in opposition to Me or has very little perception of Him, Who gave you your life. If you would know Me as the Eternal Love you would also know that I would not let you suffer unless it is necessary for the salvation of your soul.

This is why you should suffer and endure and place your earthly life into My hands, live each day without worry but do not exclude Me from your thoughts, then I will guide you and, truly, your life shall not be in vain. One day you will thank Me even for the difficult hours and days since they benefit your soul far more than quiet, carefree days. I know this, I know your soul’s degree of maturity, I know your will, your weaknesses and your faith, and I let everything happen so that no day needs to be lived unsuccessfully, that you can mature in a short time and reach your goal while you are still on earth ....


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