I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 14.11.1947 

4167   Battle of faith .... Breakdown of human work .... Church of Christ ....

The last days before the end will show the strength of resistance people will muster who belong to the true Church of Christ, in contrast to those who pay more homage to the human structure which they will see disintegrate in view of the battle of faith. For it will be a time when no compromises will be made, when everyone will have to make a clear decision, when religious doctrines will be unravelled down to the last detail and will therefore also necessitate thinking about and when everything of an external nature cannot stand up to serious criticism and will therefore be condemned or rejected. Only then will people realise how worthless it was and how much grace and strength rests in true faith and the heartfelt bond with Me which lacks all formality. People will see something fall apart which they portray as permanent and they will have to realise that those without enforced commandments have a far stronger faith and are far closer to Me through their way of life and their will, which looks for and strives towards Me constantly. All ecclesiastical performances will become subject to the measures of those who fight against spiritual issues, and only someone who longs for Me from the bottom of his heart, who receives My Word and with My Word also My strength, will prove himself .... Then much will be abolished which seems important to people now, and they will have to relinquish it and content themselves with silent contemplation without external actions, without pomp and glamour and without teachers who were not enlightened by Me and therefore unsuitable for the office of a minister. And they will have to acknowledge that I Myself have chosen My servants on earth and given them the task to instruct their fellow human beings and to convey the truth to them .... And blessed are those who will then accept the truth, who will make an effort to live according to My will and who use the short time until the end for their soul’s development, for they will bear up and persevere until the end ....


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