I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 18.11.1947 

4170   God’s call within your heart ....

You have to heed the need of the moment, i.e. you have to hold yourselves in readiness, so when you hear My call within your heart you will be able to serve Me without hesitation, for the hour of taking up your post is near. And the sign and evidence of My Word’s truthfulness rests upon the fact that worldly obligations no longer seem important to you once you have heard My voice, which clearly instructs you what to do. You will have no further desire for this world but only find joy in your spiritual work, and you will receive help in accomplishing it because it is My will. This time will be preceded by a spiritual drought, a time when you will hunger for My Word, for lively activity in the spiritual field, and when you will lack every opportunity for spiritual debate. Although you will receive My Word, and My love will always take care of you, you will find yourselves isolated amidst a world with a zest for life which is unable to give you anything. You will get little sympathy from other people and therefore feel down-hearted but move ever closer to Me, and thus your hunger for My nourishment for your soul will increase, until you suddenly hear Me inside yourselves .... And then the hour will have come for your mission to begin .... And I will make sure that you will be able to start your work, that you will lose all shyness, that all reservation and fear will leave you.

You will only speak, think and act in accordance with My will, you will represent Me Myself on earth, that is, you will speak what you receive through My spirit, you will be living witnesses of My Word. You will go amongst people as My disciples again and proclaim to them My Word, with the addition that the end is near and that I will come Myself to fetch My Own when the time has arrived which I have determined since the beginning of eternity. And, in order for you to speak freely and unimpeded, I will place people by your side who will provide you with worldly support, who will accompany you as faithful followers, who will protect and shield you from the world, although you will always enjoy My protection and I will not leave you until the end. But I will also take care of you in an earthly way and you should fulfil your task without concern, because your mission will completely drain your strength, and therefore you shall be free from all earthly worries. But I ask of you to pass on the gifts you receive from Me and thus make them accessible to other people; to carry My Word into the world verbally as well as in print, to spread the truth and thus inform your fellow human beings of My working, so that their thoughts are directed to the spiritual kingdom. And I will bless your service to Me, I will give you strength until the end and one day will reward your work in eternity ....


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