I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 13.07.1948 

4374   The Flood .... Last days .... Worldly progress ....

Shortly before the end it will be just like it was at the time of the Flood. People will have a great liking for all worldly pleasures, they will indulge their physical longings and vices, they will lead an immoral and unethical way of life and send no thought to the One above, Who is Lord over heaven and earth. For they will have no more faith .... The spiritual level will be the lowest ever since the beginning of this developmental period. Mocking and blaspheming they will confront the few believers with hostility, pursue them and deny them everything they need for living. They themselves, however, will feast and gorge themselves, they will live and love .... but their love will be false and their way of life wrong, for the devil’s servants will populate the earth in the last days, and the disintegration of earth will merely end a state which no longer allows people’s higher development.

It will be a time of sinfulness which will go beyond all imagination. God will be completely displaced and those who believe in Him will be in danger of being killed .... And God Himself will put an end to this period, the last day will arrive suddenly and unexpectedly amid the ecstasy of the world in which the people of the last days constantly live .... Hence, prior to this an apparent progress will be noticeable, everything of a worldly nature will be offered to people, their demand for worldly things will be extreme and everyone will unscrupulously grant himself whatever his mind desires; the strong will fight the weak and the winner will be the one who heartlessly acquires what he doesn’t deserve, because he is supported by Satan himself who bestows material favours on him and incites him to increased enjoyment of life.

Sin will escalate to an alarming extent and Judgment will come to pass when no-one expects it. For once people have reached this level of development they will have to be devoured by the earth, as they will have become true servants of the devil and completely deny God. And then the hour of accountability will come to all sinners, the day of God’s Justice will arrive, the Day of Judgment will come to all who belong to God’s adversary and the day of Recompense for the few who are faithful to God, who persevere and don’t fall prey to the temptations of the world .... as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture .... A salvation period will come to an end because humanity will be ready for its downfall.


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