I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 19.09.1948 

4436   Relinquishing the world .... Fulfilment of earthly duties and the blessing of God ....

What does the world offer you? If you really think about it, it only offers things which make your earthly life more pleasant for a short time but which have no lasting value. And if you consider that you could be called from this earth any day then you work, from a worldly point of view, just for one day, because tomorrow could already be your last day. But even a long earthly life cannot be compared to eternity and it is simply unwise to provide for oneself for this limited time and not to consider eternity. But not until you occupy yourselves with thoughts about life after death can you know that you are chasing after illusive possessions and then you will understand the spiritual aspirations of those who don’t see the earth as an end in itself but as a means to an end. And then you too will strive for the truth, for enlightenment and for Me, Who can impart all that to you.

But one thing you should not fail to do: to appeal to Me to become your support and adviser, that I should take care of you and continue to guide you during the course of your life, that you choose Me and for My sake relinquish the world, i.e. that you have no great expectations to live a life of external comfort but that you, deep inside of yourself, live your life with Me, away from the world. This detachment is imperative, just as it is imperative that you take notice of the pure truth which, when you receive it externally, worldly people cannot offer you. If you entrust yourselves to Me I will walk with you and also ease your earthly labour because no one who works for Me and My kingdom shall be harmed. You shall indeed do your duty, that is, take up your position that has been allocated to you but who blesses your worldly labour if I don’t?

You cannot automatically enforce your success and if My will opposes it you are helpless even though you are laboriously and constantly working. Alternatively, I can favour your work and help you to accomplish it. I do, however, ask that you accept My gift from above, that you give it your whole attention and help to pass it on. Then you can live completely carefree because I will take care of every problem. First carry out your spiritual work and everything you do to accomplish your earthly allocated task will be blessed, because I truly provide better for you than the earthly world .... But I will not change My prerequisite that I as Father, will give you, My children, everything that you require spiritually and earthly ....


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