I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 19.10.1948 

4465   Supper ....

And you shall be My guests who I invite to Supper. I will nourish you and quench your thirst with delectable sustenance for the soul, I will spiritualise your body so that its substances can also partake when the soul is being refreshed, so that it will mature faster, because this is possible with those people who consciously strive towards Me and desire to hear My Word. Be My guests and come to Me gladly to take Supper with Me at My table... I will prepare you a meal of heavenly food with delectable manna which will provide you with strength and spiritual nourishment for your soul. I won’t deny you anything you desire, I Am always ready for you and lay out the table with delectable food because I love you and, as My guests, want to provide you with everything that pleases you. However, you should come gladly and yearn for Me, you should accept My invitation with a grateful heart and prepare yourselves for a dignified reception .... You should adorn yourselves in My honour as Host, don’t remain standing outside but step into My house and thereby profess that you are invited guests with a right to be fed at the table of the Lord, who belong to Him, who are His friends and who He therefore treats as a good host would by entertaining his friends and offering them the most delectable gifts as often as they want to receive them. Anyone who replenishes himself at My table will never ever go hungry and thirsty again and yet always return to Me full of desire, yearning for My presence and accepting from My hand what My love offers to him. For he will constantly draw refreshment from it, in his constant feeling of fulfilled desire he will be blissfully happy and desire Me without end. And so My Word will flow to Him incessantly, the bread of heaven, which secures eternal life for him. Come to the table of the Lord, delicious sustenance awaits you, take Supper with Me, let Me give you flesh and blood to enjoy so that you will be filled by strength .... Accept My Word and listen to Me when I speak to you, recognise Me as the most loving God and Father of eternity, as your friend and brother, and receive from My hand what My greater than great love offers you .... All of you, come to My table so that I can provide you with the food you need for your soul, so that I can feed and refresh all those who hunger and thirst for My Word, for My flesh and My blood ....


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