I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 23.11.1948 

4493   Death of a worldly ruler .... Turn of events ....

When you hear of the death of a worldly ruler you have arrived at the point you can call the beginning of the end. Then the world will turn into a place of fire, flames will blaze high, unbridled hatred will rage and humanity will be gripped by horror as it sees no escape from the inevitable peril.

And then I will urge you to speak, for whilst everything is in uproar great calm will take hold of you as you clearly realise that the time of My appearance is drawing near, and thus you proclaim it to those who will listen to you. People see themselves surrounded by enemies on all fronts and are therefore without hope for a peaceful solution. Hence those without faith in the only One Who can help will suffer immense fear.

Consequently they will only focus on world events .... People will anxiously attempt to provide for themselves as they see the approach of great earthly hardship; they will anxiously try to secure worldly goods and prepare for escape even though it seems hopeless to them. Only the faithful remain calm, and then I will use these to encourage their distraught fellow human beings who despair in their unbelief. I attempt to bring Myself close to them once more, I let My servants talk to them and through them I Myself speak words of love and encouragement. I warn them against escape and not just to consider their physical well being; I demonstrate the futility of their intentions and admonish them to persevere and put their fate in My hands; and thus everything takes it course ....

The fire is kindled and people will not extinguish it anymore, I will put it out Myself by opposing it with other elements, by confronting those Myself who want to tear each other apart .... And My voice will sound from above .... The earth will experience a natural disaster which will tear the fighters apart; they will be faced by a power which neither can match .... The process will only take hours but it will create a completely new situation in the world, totally changed conditions and an initially uncontrollable chaos, utmost earthly hardship and unspeakable grief and adversity amongst people.

Yet you all must endure this, for the end is approaching and many opportunities for purification still need to be created since all people have a shorter lifespan now and need to mature in the shortest possible time .... The end is near and as soon as this point is reached you also can, without doubt, soon expect the last day and the Last Judgment, so that may be fulfilled what has been proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....


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