I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.12.1948 

4523   Signs of the end ....

The signs which precede the final end are unmistakable yet only of significance to someone who looks at them from a spiritual point of view, because they take place within the framework of natural law and will therefore only be recognised as the previously announced indications of the end if people themselves believe in an end, thus if they are inclined to associate everything that is created with the Creator and all happenings with His will. Consequently, they find it easy to believe in God’s reign and activity, they also know that nothing happens by itself but that everything is governed by God’s will. But then they also know that the Book of the Fathers has to be believed, which had announced an end ever since the beginning of the epoch of Salvation. These predictions were confirmed and repeated by Jesus Christ Who effectively brought one stage of this epoch to an end and started a new one, but always with reference to the end, to the conclusion of a long period of Salvation, which is now coming to conclusion. To ensure that this period of Salvation will be successful for the souls He Himself accomplished the act of Salvation, thereby enabling them to quickly mature into spiritual beings which no longer required a material earth.

However, the act of Salvation was not made sufficient use of. Hence the earth can not yet be excluded as a place of redemption for the spirits, it merely needs to arise reshaped again if the redemption of the constrained spirits is to progress .... Thus, first it will have to be destroyed and dissolved in order to let something new emerge from it. The fact that this developmental phase is limited is understandable, for God has always granted the souls a specific length of time to release themselves from the form, which is tied to His laws of eternal order. This time has now ended and as a result the signs must show themselves too, for God will never leave people without warning or admonition, so that they can still make full use of the last days for their souls. Even the longest period of Salvation will end one day .... Yet only the believer will deem this to be true, and this is why only the believer will recognise and pay attention to the last signs .... he will know that he is living in the last days and that he seriously has to consider his soul ....


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