I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 18.06.1949 

4672   The soul matures through suffering .... God’s care .... World and God ....

Whatever serves to benefit your soul has been foreseen since eternity. Therefore you can regard every difficult and upsetting, joyful and edifying experience, which only aims to achieve your psychological maturity, as having been imposed on you by Me. And if you consider the course of your life from this point of view then nothing should bother, burden or frighten you .... for all is for the best .... Every experience enables you to mature, you can derive benefit for your souls as long as you always recognise Me as the One Who allows it to happen, and remain in contact with Me by constantly glancing towards your Father above, Who wants to shape you into His children on this earth.

Fear and worry are unnecessary if you hand them over to Me and ask for My help. You are never alone if you allow My presence next to you, if you do not want be alone and never exclude Me from your life, if you leave your thoughts, needs and actions entirely to Me, if you let Me take care of them, so that I will guide you and you are merely the executor of My will. You could travel your earthly path carefree and without worry if only you would always walk with Me .... Yet the world frequently stands between you and Me and separates us, the world is close to your eyes, and you neglect Me even though you want to belong to Me. The world is still too important to you, you do not realise its triviality because you are still involved with the world. However, as soon as you are able to value Me above the world, as soon as you are able to put Me first, the world will no longer burden you, it will not disturb you, you will be able to cope easily and be master of everything that approaches you on a worldly level.

Make the attempt, let Me take care of you and entrust yourselves to My protection and care with complete faith. First fulfil your duty towards Me by living in accordance with My Word and working for Me and My kingdom. Then you should also inform other people of My will by always reminding them of their true destiny, by motivating them to improve their souls and by passing on My Word, which you have received from Me and which will enlighten them where they are still in the dark. Draw your fellow human beings’ attention to the fact that I Am in charge of all people’s destiny, that nothing happens to people without meaning and purpose, that higher development is the purpose of every experience, and that everything is bearable if I Am approached for help, acknowledged as Controller and Creator of eternity and prayed to for My Fatherly care. Caution them not to forget Me for the sake of the world, then every individual person’s earthly path of life will be easy and safe and his soul will derive benefit from every experience. For I only want your soul to mature when you have to go through suffering, but you can make it bearable for yourselves if you take heed of My Word and always allow Me to walk with you. For I Am your Father and only want the best for My children ....


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