I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.06.1949 

4675   ‘That day and hour knoweth no man ....’ False prophets of the last days ....

No seer and prophet will ever be able to predict the time of an impending judgment, for this is not permitted by God due to being detrimental for people. For this reason no person will ever be able to predict the day when a judgment comes upon people. Nevertheless, their attention shall be drawn to it, and so God proclaims through a human mouth, through seers and prophets, as soon as a judgment is approaching. The announcement of a judgment on its own should therefore be believed, but if a definite time of the judgment is given, the prophecy can rightfully be dismissed as wrong .... In that case false prophets will have appeared which need not be listened to, for such announcements are generally made for the sake of earthly advantages and then you must be cautious. However, if God avails Himself of a person in order to inform humanity of His eternal plan of Salvation, He will not merely inform him of His intention, of the forthcoming judgment, but He will also provide him with the general knowledge which makes the necessity of a judgment comprehensible to God’s servant, so that he can convincingly substantiate these prophesies to his fellow human beings. But regardless of how determinedly he will stand up for the truth of the proclamations, he will never be able to state a precise date, because God reserves this right for Himself. Nevertheless, each such proclamation can be accepted as absolute truth, and time and again the Book of the Fathers will confirm that the announcements completely correspond to it, consequently, the fulfilment of these announcements can be expected with certainty and the forthcoming judgment taken as established fact, even so, humanity shall remain uncertain as to when God will manifest Himself; however it shall always be prepared, otherwise the announcements conveyed to people by God’s love would defeat the purpose and the judgment would befall humanity suddenly and unexpectedly ....


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