I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 22.08.1949 

4720   Shield of faith .... Trust .... God’s protection ....

I Am giving you a genuine gift, and in realising it you should be joyful. How can the world possibly harm you if I stand before you as a shield and let nothing harm you? Hence, take your stand behind the shield of faith and you will be protected against all attacks by those with ill intentions. I will always stand by you, always ready to protect you whenever you are in danger. And this belief has to be so certain in you that you thereby banish all fear and distress. I Am with you and hold on to you so that you will not get caught in the undergrowth, in the many worldly obstacles to which you fear to succumb. Just look up and call to Me in thought, then you will never walk alone but always in My company, able to live untroubled until the end of your days. Although the world will still badly bother you it should not cause you fear, for I Am stronger than the world, and if the world pesters you though I want you to be at peace, then it will be unable to harm you. Therefore, be joyful and happy and despise the world, that is to say, ignore it and what emerges from it. My kingdom will compensate you for what the earthly world denies to you, and to dwell in My kingdom is truly more desirable, for it will not disappoint you.

I Am also Lord over this earthly world and control your earthly life too, but you should leave this concern entirely to Me and not burden yourselves with it, because the state of your soul is far more important and you alone have to improve it. I can put your earthly life in order for you but you will have to shape your spiritual life in accordance with your will. And in order that nothing shall stop you from improving your soul I will take care of your body and all it requires to maintain and fulfil its earthly task. And because I make this promise to you, you can truly commend yourselves to Me, every experience will be for the benefit of your soul. Therefore I only expect your complete trust in My assistance and you will be helped with every problem you have. For nothing is impossible to Me, and all threads in eternity are controlled by My will, in wisdom and greater than great love .... always for the benefit of My living creations, for whom I want to prepare an eternally blissful fate .....


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