I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 29.08.1949 

4728   The antichrist’s scourge ....

The Antichrist’s scourge will be wielded harshly over all who profess Me, just as it was wielded over Me before My crucifixion as a human being. Yet I will repel it from My Own, I will seize it Myself and instead let it affect those who are enslaved by Satan. His raging will certainly be sorely felt in the ranks of My Own, yet as long as they are covered by the shield of faith he will be unable to cause them much harm, for once again I will safeguard them against anything that is done to My Own. However, they recognise the reign of the Antichrist and that the end and with it their hour of deliverance will soon have come, and this knowledge gives them the strength which lets them endure anything. You will not have a peaceful time for much longer, hour after hour and day after day trickle away and the time My spirit has announced to you comes ever closer .... Earth is facing a powerful tremor with indescribable consequences. And even if you doubt .... you cannot stop it anymore and soon will have to make a decision for or against Me .... This decision will be demanded by the one who opposes Me and who will continue to oppose Me for an endless time to come.

He will arrive prior to Me and appear on this earth, and he will take possession of someone who wholeheartedly belongs to him, i.e., he will express himself in all his power and strength through the latter. People will join him in droves, they will admire him and voluntarily submit themselves to him .... they will be dependent on him because he exerts his influence on them as a human being and impresses them with his words and actions. He will be successful because they will all surrender to him of their own accord, and thus he will wield great power and use it against Me .... against all of those who believe in Me and profess Me .... He will fight against Me and thus also wage the battle against My Own, who will nevertheless remain loyal to Me until the end .... The time of the Antichrist has come and accordingly he will soon make an appearance, and then you will know that the end is near .... For he will only reign for a short time, and because he knows that he won’t have much time left anymore he will open hell and release all that is evil which will cooperate with him in a shocking manner .... Yet the hour of his fall into the abyss has been determined since the start, and so it will come to pass as is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....


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