I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 22.06.1950 

4919   Humility - Arrogance .... Danger ....

I bestow My grace upon the humble, to the arrogant I deny it, for arrogance smothers love, whereas humility awakens it. And for this reason all My love belongs to the humble which showers him with grace beyond measure. Someone with heartfelt love for his fellow human being cannot be haughty to him but regard him as his brother and help him because of love; this is why the humble person will carry out deeds of neighbourly love, for which I will bless him and reward him in turn with My love and grace. An arrogant person’s heart is hard and unfeeling, he does not serve but wants to dominate and will therefore be disregarded by Me, because this feeling, the need to dominate, was the reason for the past apostasy from Me which can only be atoned for through profound humility towards Me, hence humility also signifies returning to Me. The spiritual being had sunk very low due to arrogance, however, in the stage as a human being it has already ascended to a certain level but now it is in greatest danger of succumbing to arrogance again, of elevating himself, and this manifests itself in heartlessness towards his fellow human beings. The fact that the human being, due to arrogance, also deprives himself of all means to ascend further, that he thereby forfeits My grace, is the greatest danger to which I always draw your attention, so that you will not plunge into the abyss again of your own fault. Everything that is domineering still belongs to My adversary, who remains in utter opposition to Me and believes himself capable of overthrowing Me. Having once been the highest bearer of light he became My adversary because he elevated himself above Me .... he believed he was able to place himself above Me and plunged into the deepest abyss.

Arrogance is the first step into a bottomless fall .... humility, in contrast, is the ladder to higher spheres, the safest bridge to Me .... For the person who receives My grace will safely reach his goal, because My grace signifies help, My support and My guidance. Consider your past sin which separated you from Me, consider My greater than great love which wants to draw you back to Me; consider your weakness and imperfection and how very distant you are, then you will bow your head with utmost humility and longingly stretch your hands out to Me, and then I will take hold of you with My love and grace and provide you with everything you need in order to reduce your distance from Me, in order to return to Me from Whom you originated. But woe to you if you never become aware of your distance from Me, if you deem yourselves too exalted as to pray to Me with profound humility .... In that case you cannot receive grace, then you are still under the control of the one who made you fall, then you can never become free from the sin of your past arrogance, for without My grace you will never ever become blissfully happy ....


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