I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.07.1950 

4928   Extraordinary events are signs of the approaching end ....

Everything points to the end and if you humans pay careful attention to the events around you, you will also recognise that I Am speaking to you through them, that through them I want to draw your attention to the end and your special mission of being leaders in the final battle of faith. I want to strengthen your faith in My Word, but I also want to help your fellow human beings to gain faith, since they either cannot find it or are too weak to advocate it. I want to speak to all of you by every conceivable means so that you will not fail in the final battle of faith on this earth. Nevertheless, I will always take account of the fact that you live in an extremely materialistic world, that you have little contact with the kingdom which emanates the truth and that it is far more difficult for you to believe because you no longer carry Me in your hearts lively enough, since you distanced yourselves from the manifestation of Jesus Christ to such an extent that, due to your unbelief, you receive little strength. You do not accept the truth conveyed to you from the spiritual kingdom; you do not grant credence to the teachers, who are My servants. But I nevertheless do not want to let you fall and will approach you time and again with references to the end, with images by seers which will become public knowledge, with predictions by prophets which will also be heard by those who have no interest in the end and the last Judgment. I also know many people’s struggle for faith and I would like to give them a sign too, which, however, shall not compel them to believe. I want to make them question and become reflective, this is all I intend to achieve with extraordinary events during the last days, for once they spend serious thought on it I will be able to approach them in My Word and instruct them according to the truth. They will only be open-minded for My Word if it is made accessible to them as My evident working through the spirit, for I can only give them the pure truth through My Word. And only through the Word from above can something be proven to them which they would otherwise find incredible, but it cannot be proven by the sign itself, because the sign only speaks to the intellect and not to the human being’s heart. You humans must always be aware of the fact that you are living in the end time, that that there will be an increase in signs which cannot be explained in an earthly way and which will visibly point to another world .... Anyone who recognises them as such will derive benefit from them, but anyone who bypasses these as well, will have to fear the final end because it will result in his downfall ....


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