I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.01.1951 

5048   Explanation and reason for an arduous destiny ....

An arduous destiny on earth will profit the salvation of your souls. For every day brings you closer to the end and the end is near. And do you know whether you will experience the last days? Do you know that you won’t be called back before the end and that your earthly life might only last a short time yet? Always consider that tomorrow could be your last day and that you will then be grateful to have reached that particular degree of maturity which entitles you to enter the realm of light. Consider that earthly life is only the means to an end and that it won’t last forever. Everything is temporary, joy and sorrow, desire and pain. Only the soul is immortal and its suffering should be reduced. Therefore the body has to suffer as long as the soul lives on earth. Those who are spared suffering on earth cannot expect a painless hour of death because the soul will still have much ballast which it will take across into the spiritual realm. Yet the agonies in the beyond are considerably greater and can often last an endless time if a soul is hardened and thus will find little help.

People still have to endure much adversity because time is passing swiftly and rapidly bringing the end. Only the soul which has been purified by grief and suffering will have the strength to resist during the last days .... because such a soul can receive My strength, while a soul within a dense cover cannot be touched by My emanation. For this reason the human being should look at each day as a gift of grace and be grateful, he should use his time well since he does not know when it ends, because one day he will regret every day which has not brought him spiritual progress. Suffering and love mature the soul and therefore you human beings must patiently endure what is given to you as this is in your best interest; everything My will inflicts on you can lead you to perfection ....


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