I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 02.03.1951 

5076   Hardship of unbelievers on entry into the beyond ....

You all should help with the redemption of misguided souls. Everyone who believes in Me and thus also in the soul’s life after death, should try to convey this belief to his fellow human beings, too. Then he will do a work of merciful love for others, for he will save such souls from death. If you knew how much easier the souls’ fate will be if they have but a glimmer of faith when they pass from this earth, you would do anything to kindle this spark in yourselves, and the stronger it is the brighter will be the soul on entry to the kingdom of the beyond. Anyone who has faith himself should not rest until he has won his fellow human being over to the faith. He should work diligently and will thereby acquire a great reward, for the souls he has gained will thank him a thousand fold.

To soothe spiritual hardship is a true labour of love, the effects of which will extend into eternity. And spiritual hardship is experienced by all those people who lack faith, who are not convinced of an utterly perfect Being, who do not believe that they will be accountable to a Judge at the end of their earthly life, who thoughtlessly live in the world ignoring their task of developing their soul and who have not reduced their guilt of sin, which was the reason for their earthly life, but even increased it, because they fell prey to My adversary who wants to corrupt them forever. These human beings suffer severe hardship, yet their fellow human beings’ love is able to help them. Participate in Christ’s act of Salvation and try to enlighten your fellow human beings, since you know of the great love and mercy of the One Who has created you.

Do not portray Me to them as a punishing God but as a loving Father Who recalls His children into the Father’s house which they had voluntarily left. And help them to regain their faith, then you will acquire a substantial reward for yourselves, for you will accomplish a work in My vineyard which I will truly not leave unrewarded since I, after all, will regain My children, for whom I long and whose love I constantly invite. Help Me to regain these children, so that I can make them eternally happy with My love ....


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