I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 25.07.1951 

5178   Redeeming help for souls in the beyond through people ....

Untold souls in the beyond struggle to ascend, and these souls suffer utmost hardship, for their lack of strength makes their ascent impossible, and their realisation of weakness is immensely agonising for them since they don’t know how to remedy their situation. This very lack of knowledge is their calamity, since due to the law of eternity they may only be given what they want, and they receive in accordance with their will. If they want light, then they will receive it, yet without having experienced the benefit of light they have no desire for it either. Their agony rests in the fact that they are in a constant state of suffering and no longer able to muster the will to change it, if they don’t use their will to revolt against God and their fate and cruelly rampage through their environment. These souls are already in a state of hell, because they are constantly goaded by the forces of hell and their change and endeavour to ascend still requires an incredibly long time. Even the souls which have lapsed into lethargy could equally have to endure their painful fate for an extremely long time unless they receive help from one side, since due to their weak will they are unable to help themselves.

And this help can only be given to them by beings whose love wants to release them from the darkness .... by people on earth or by beings in the beyond who are either already enlightened or just possess a slightly higher degree of knowledge which enables them to help. Thus countless souls experience this hardship and people should take pity on them .... but especially people will rarely help those souls, because people no longer believe in the soul’s continuation of life after death .... People could have a vast sphere of activity on the spiritual level if they supported the suffering souls in the beyond and helped them to ascend from the abyss, and helping these souls in the beyond would in turn have an effect on people again when they suffer physical and psychological distress .... Yet people very rarely take part in this redeeming work, they even leave their loved ones in the beyond in great suffering, who should be particularly taken care of by them .... This is why it is welcomed with great joy when people gather on earth who have the will to do redeeming work and want to kindle a light for many souls in darkness.

For this reason beings of light also play a redeeming part in as much as they likewise appear where unhappy souls in the beyond are remembered with loving thoughts, and their help is evident because they protectively surround the people on earth when the crowd of dark spiritual beings threatens to endanger the work of redemption. The souls in the beyond as well as the people on earth have their guardian angels who, depending on the will of the former, will intervene when danger is imminent. And the enemy will always lurk where people want to do redeeming work and try to confuse those who should offer enlightenment to the souls in darkness. Yet he will not be able to prevent the rays of light, which emerge from the redeeming love, from touching the souls of darkness, who feel their benefit and appear wherever people gather with the will to help them, and this work will be blessed .... For once a soul has been touched by a ray of light and love, it will never descend again, it will look for the light and also find it, because every soul will receive what it desires ....


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