I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.08.1951 

5186   The gates of hell shall not prevail against it ....’

The gates of hell shall not prevail against My church .... which I Myself founded on earth. The gates of hell will open and spew out its inhabitants in order to increase My adversary’s power and activity. All devils will fight against the small flock of believers who, in truth, constitute My church .... Hell itself will violently attack its walls yet My church will stand firm, for the believers will persevere with great strength .... The end is near, and that is why I still try to affiliate those of little faith to My church so that their faith shall grow and become unshakable before the end arrives. Hell will have no control over those who believe, for they belong to My church and I, as the founder of this church, will truly protect them from the onslaught of hell. You humans are facing the end and you don’t realise what this means, you don’t know about the spiritual battle between light and darkness, between truth and falsehood, and you are unaware of the fact that the earth is completely engulfed by darkness, because the power of darkness predominates and you humans grant it this power yourselves ....

The battle of the spiritual world is not obvious to you as yet but very soon it will take on a shape which will reveal to you how close it is to the end .... The battle of faith will commence very soon, a battle which will be announced by the authorities against all who still have faith, against all those who belong to a school of thought, who acknowledge Me as their Creator and Father and who strive spiritually due to their inner realisation that life does not come to an end with physical death. All these people will be treated with hostility, severely put under pressure and brutally requested to renounce their faith. All of you are facing this battle, which not only concerns your body but far more your soul yet also requires your body’s decision because you will be seriously threatened and it will be made almost impossible for you to stand firm .... And then those who belong to My true church, who acknowledge Me as supreme Lord and Ruler and who fear Me more than the earthly power will reveal themselves .... Blessed is he who believes that he counts as a member of the church founded by Me .... Blessed is he who does not fear those who kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul .... blessed, who draws his strength for battle from the right commander-in-chief .... He will gain victory over the enemies, he will realise that hell achieves nothing where the Lord of heaven and earth stands, where His hosts fight, who will also gain control over the devils when hell is opened and its scum let loose on people .... My church will stand firm and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it .... The end is near and My Word will fulfil itself. Therefore prepare yourselves for the forthcoming time but don’t be afraid of it, for Mine is the strength and the power and the glory ....


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