I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24.08.1951 

5195   Admonition to prepare for the end ....

You should prepare yourselves for the coming time .... What My seers and prophets have proclaimed will come to pass, for time has expired and according to eternal law humanity is facing a radical change, which has to be understood in a spiritual as well as a material sense. It is the time of the end, the earth is changing and for the inhabitants of earth an era comes to an end and a new one begins. Yet only a few of the people who are presently alive will experience this new era, for preconditions have to be complied with which only those few will carry out. For this reason the earth will come to an end and countless people will die as a result because they cannot experience the new era anymore. I Am indeed lenient with those who will still come to Me in the last hour, who will call upon Me for mercy, yet only a few will suddenly change and realise their sinfulness and therefore still be accepted by Me in the last hour. But it is My will that the small flock of My Own shall reach the final goal, that they will survive the ending of this era and enter the new era where I will need them to uphold My law of order. And therefore I say to you:

Prepare yourselves for the coming time, for it will make extraordinary demands on you, on your will, your faith and your loyalty to Me. The approaching time enables you to achieve exceptionally high maturity but it will also lay claim to all your strength. For the closer it gets to the end the more that which is actually reality will appear unreal to you, the more your faith will be attacked and My name dragged through the mud. But if you seriously prepare yourselves you will be above it all, for as soon as you belong to those who know, your faith can no longer be shaken. Knowledge, however, is the consequence of love .... therefore you should make an effort to live a busy life of love for then you will prepare yourselves well for the end .... This is My advice which you should not ignore .... Cultivate love .... and an abundance of strength and light will flow to you which will enable you to resist everything that will be inflicted on you in the last days and nothing will be able to incapacitate you in the final battle. Prepare yourselves and don’t hesitate, for the time is approaching the end, this period of Salvation will be terminated because it corresponds to the eternal order that a change will have to take place as soon as no further progress can be achieved in the spiritual development .... No spiritual impetus can be found amongst people, only a few are striving towards the light and for these few I have a new task in mind which will only start after the change that takes place at the end. Hence they, My small flock, will once again be admonished to eagerly work at improving their souls, for the last great onslaught will happen soon, the last battle begins which shall find forearmed fighters who will enter the battle with Me and therefore will also win .... who will triumph in the end over the opponent and his followers ....


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