I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 21.12.1951 

5278   End of the period of Salvation .... God’s plan of Salvation ....

I have set a goal for you and granted you humans a period of time in which you certainly could have reached this goal. And even now it is still possible for you to attain this goal if you genuinely wanted to do so. Yet the limit given to you has passed, only a short time separates you from the end, and anyone who hasn’t reached the goal by then will have squandered his spiritual life, he will have forfeited it because he didn’t want to live, and his fate will be death .... One period of Salvation comes to an end and a new one begins; yet the spiritual essence which is presently embodied on earth as a human being has definitely reached the end, and if it fails it must start the cycle of evolution once again, so that My law of eternal order shall be fulfilled. The deadline has expired, you are just minutes away from the hour when the old earth will be destroyed, when its creations will be disintegrated in order to arise anew, in order to provide again new opportunities for the development of the still immature spiritual beings. And although I repeatedly inform you of this hour .... it bypasses your ears without leaving any impression, you don’t believe it .... Yet your unbelief will not deter My eternal plan, it just induces Me to send you ever more distinct signs to make a near end seem credible to you.

Your unbelief causes Me to inflict extremely painful wounds on you in order to make you consider what your life is about and how you have used it. You cannot be spared hours of adversity and misery since they can, after all, still contribute towards leading you to the goal, which you really can still reach if you have the serious will to do so. I will noticeably help you and give you strength, yet your heart must appeal to Me for help to demonstrate your will. I can and will do anything to make you happy yet I cannot change My eternal plan of Salvation, it has to be carried out in accordance with the law of eternal order and within the preordained time, which is now coming to an end. Humanity’s spiritual state had already reached its lowest point some time ago which necessitated the end of the earth, yet I still wait for the sake of the few who are weak and undecided, as I can still win them over before the end of the deadline. But then all options will have been exhausted, then everyone will have to accept the consequences of their attitude towards Me, and Judgment will categorically take place, and everyone will receive the fate he deserves .... eternal bliss or damnation .... life in paradise on the new earth or renewed banishment into the creations for an infinitely long time again ....


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