I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 27.02.1952 

5324   Brutal battle of faith .... Fortification of faith ....

You urgently need to fortify yourselves for the final battle of faith, because you will be unable to meet the demands placed upon you without a firm and unshakable faith. Much will seem insurmountable to you if you do not avail yourselves of My strength, the strength of faith, for the enemy of your souls will proceed against you almost inhumanly by using those who are in authority on earth but who are full of cunning and trickery and declare war on everyone who still has faith. The satanic power will openly take action so that you will clearly recognise which hour has struck, so that you will know that it is the final phase of the end time and that it will only last for a short time, until you are delivered from this power which, however, won’t be able to harm you if you can call a firm faith your own. The enemy will take such clear action against Me Myself that this alone will show you that he is overstepping his authority and I told you that then the end will be near .... For the human being lives on earth in order to choose between two powers and therefore must also have knowledge of both powers .... But as soon as one power prevents the knowledge of the second power from reaching people, it is overstepping its entitlement and that not with impunity .... And this time must first come, because I will not intervene earlier than necessary in order to still provide those souls with the opportunity of changing their will and faith which are taken aback by the satanic power and reflect on their inner selves. People must be dealt with very firmly, because they don’t listen to the Father’s voice when He talks kindly to them .... However, Satan’s voice can still have an influence on individual souls and cause their return to Me, but only if a person still harbours a spark of faith in a God and he would rather hand himself over to this God than to the one whose ruthlessness he now recognises. The strength of faith of My Own will make him thoughtful since they, despite tremendous difficulties, will not renounce Me and the more they are threatened the more they will profess My name. You must fortify yourselves for the final battle of faith, for your own sake but also for the sake of your fellow human beings who can be helped by your faith to believe in a God Who can and wants and also will help when the adversity has become beyond endurance and Satan has accomplished his work .... when My Own are threatened with death and only I can bring them help .... Then I will come and fetch My Own, I will stop their adversity and plight but, at the same time, also judge everything that opposes Me on the last day of this earth .... Then My Own will rejoice and praise Me and the horror of death will seize the others, then the day will have come of which it is written that I will judge the living and the dead, the believers and the unbelievers, for My Word will come to pass because it is the truth ....


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