I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 26.03.1952 

5345   Healing process .... Free will ....

My plan of Salvation includes everything that can help the redemption of the imperfect spiritual beings. For everything visible arose for their sake and everything that happens can help these spiritual beings towards ascent if it is utilised correctly. And thus spiritual creations can fulfil the same purpose too but only for spiritual beings with a specific degree of maturity, thus for those which have already overcome matter and are liberated from every material form. Nevertheless, the possibilities for development won’t stop in the spiritual kingdom either, the soul can constantly rise higher and always increase in strength and light. The soul’s ascent in the spiritual kingdom is assured once it has entered the right path, but on earth it can time and again be pulled back by matter, because My adversary’s power still affects everything that is to attain final maturity on earth as a human being. Thus matter is the stumbling block which can make a soul fall. Yet this, too, has been known by Me for eternity and therefore I make a special effort to influence the human being so that he learns to recognise what matter actually is, so that he will not let himself to be dominated by it. By the end of his life the human being must have overcome matter, that is, it must not burden his soul in the slightest, the soul must have liberated itself entirely from the desire for things which belong to the earthly-material world .... Then it will be able to enter the spiritual kingdom unburdened and continue its higher development in spiritual creations which will spiritualise the soul ever more and provide it with inconceivable beatitudes.

Thus My eternal plan of Salvation concerns all spiritual beings, but a healing can only be spoken of in souls which are still bound in a form of the earthly material creation, which are not yet free and ready for the kingdom of light. The healing process of the spiritual beings therefore takes place in the earthly material creations as well as through the events of a person’s earthly life, which are intended to change his will and for this reason can also have a beneficial effect. And the hardship and suffering which the individual person has to endure is especially beneficial .... if it means that the soul will find Me and thus results in a successful healing process. There is no means I will not try if it can affect the human being’s soul beneficially, in order to result in an awakening in the kingdom of light after his physical death, however, the process takes a lawful progression, it is not arbitrarily encouraged, instead, its success depends on the human being’s will. For the human being’s will is also influenced by My adversary and has to make a free decision. Admittedly, the human being will not pass his test of earthly life if he disregards all possibilities which could help him to progress but, after an infinitely long time, he will inevitably have to face the same test again, and this so often until he has finally chosen Me .... It is just that his redemption will be the result of an inconceivably long existence on earth which he, however, could just as easily have attained within a very short time because it only ever depends on his will and not on insufficient redemption possibilities how long it takes the soul to reach maturity .... I will do everything for My living creations to become My children but I do not force their will, and thus they create their own fate, they can get better according to My eternal plan of Salvation, if they are willing to achieve this themselves ....


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