I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 19.08.1952 

5465   Spiritual hardship can only remedied by spreading the pure Gospel ....

Only the concern for people’s spiritual state must be taken seriously, for this concern has to be remedied by people themselves. By no means can pressure be exercised but instead the human being’s free will has to decide to actively work for the soul’s maturity, and this free will can indeed be influenced, but never be forced. But in the last days the human being completely submits himself of his own free will to his adversary; this is why the souls’ state of maturity is particularly dismal and My love accomplishes little, the end comes ever closer and the earthly world with all its attractions and goods will perish; and only the souls will remain, which are in such dreadful shape that they cannot be admitted into My kingdom since due to their attitude they are part of My adversary and therefore Satan’s servants. Only a few have reached the degree of maturity because their will had turned to Me of its own accord and therefore people also recognise Me. Their souls’ became receptive to light, they recognised the importance of their earthly task and lived their life on earth accordingly. The general public, however, lives superficially and does not consider the soul’s life after death because it does not believe in it. And that is the great hardship which motivates Me to send a light amongst people everywhere, to instruct My messengers everywhere to proclaim My Gospel and to lead people back to faith, which is absolutely essential so that people will be able to turn to Me when they are in trouble.

Nevertheless, whoever wants to spread light must have received it from Me Myself first .... I can only use those people for the distribution of the Gospel who have light themselves, who let themselves be permeated by Me with the light of eternal life, with the one and only Truth. I cannot send everyone into the world, for even if there is good will to work for Me, only the spreading of the truth is useful and that can only be received from Me Myself, i.e. a human being can only realise the truth if My spirit is able to work in him, and this working of the spirit necessitates the fulfilment of conditions. However, everyone who is willing to fulfil these conditions is accepted by Me as a labourer in My vineyard. For there is great hardship on earth, and I only want to control this hardship through My faithful servants on earth, time and again I want to awaken people who receive My Word directly and pass it on to those who are willing to listen to it. People’s souls are in great danger, they are completely immature and soon will have to depart from this earth .... Their state of maturity, however, determines their fate in eternity. Only My pure Gospel can still save people and raise their state of maturity. For it originates from Me, it harbours spiritual strength and can have a revitalising effect on the souls, providing the human being willingly allows himself to be affected by the strength of the divine Word .... He will bless the hour when My Word was made accessible to him, for only My Word can save the soul from eternal death ....


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