I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 15.10.1952 

5508   ‘Come unto Me ....’

All of you who labour and are heavily laden can take refuge in My arms .... For My love wants to embrace all of you and nobody who comes to Me in his distress and appeals to Me for help will be pushed back by Me .... I want to comfort and give strength, I want to heal wounds and fortify the weak, I want to awaken hope and confidence in all hearts, I want to bestow My blessings upon everyone, because no one’s soul can recover without grace. ‘Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavily laden .... I will give you rest ....’ However, someone who is weak in faith might well hear these Words but he will not accept them as being spoken to him too .... he will continue to carry his burden, which I would gladly take from him if he handed it over to Me. Come to Me .... your own will must impel you to Me, for I only placed the burden upon your shoulders so that you should find the path to Me .... Every adversity is a coaxing call from your heavenly Father Who, in His love, longs for your love, for your coming to Him, in order to be able to please you. And thus, psychological distress shall also lead you to Me, you should entrust everything to Me, for it is My will that you should let Me know what troubles you .... Admittedly, I know all your afflictions and problems, yet I can only help you when you present them to Me, because it is My will that you conduct yourselves like children to the Father, it is My will that you always take the path which all good children take .... the path to the Father Who, in His love, wants to relieve them from every worry and support them with help and advice in order to make them happy now and forever. Take refuge in My arms at all times, they will shield you protectively, carry you across cliffs and stony lanes, they will take loving care of you as long as you live on earth. Put your trust in Me always and forever, for I will push no-one away from Me, even if they are sinful .... I want to release you from sin and guilt, just come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavily laden .... Call upon My mercy and I will answer your prayer, I will extend My hands to you to make your path to Me easy, for I want to help and heal you, I want to please the sick and weak who can no longer help themselves on their own, and you all shall recognise in Me the One Who has redeemed you because of His boundless love for you ....


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