I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 12.12.1952 

5554   The blessing of spiritual knowledge in the beyond ....

My spirit is revealing to you spiritual knowledge which will make you indescribably happy one day, if you work with it in the spiritual kingdom for the benefit of those who are still unaware .... Until people have reached the state of enlightenment pure truth is rarely to be found amongst them on earth and therefore not in the kingdom of the beyond either. For light stands for wisdom, the knowledge of pure truth, and every erroneous thought is a shadow obscuring the light, even if a soul is already translucent. But until the last wrong thought has been banished the light will still be cloudy at times, and the soul first has to make itself completely accessible to the truth, it must have acquired the correct information, before it will be able to work with it as a bearer of light in the spiritual kingdom.

Being able to enter the beyond with spiritual knowledge is therefore an immense grace, since it is the equivalent to wearing a bright gown of light which shines everywhere and distributes light in turn. Now it can instantly carry out its real function, it can educate the ignorant and be of immense help where there is still darkness or twilight. For it will also be confronted by doubters and liars in the spiritual realm, nevertheless it will be able to enlighten them with its knowledge. Since this knowledge is the result of the revelations through My spirit it has a power of conviction which a being can rarely resist unless it is a representative of the prince of darkness and flees from the truth. For such beings will also cross the path of someone who knows in order to extinguish a light in the belief that they are able to do so. And beings like that can only receive clarification from a bearer of light who has received his knowledge from Me ....

For this very reason My revelations, My Word, contain tremendous strength which can even pull down strong walls, for I address these souls Myself if you lend Me your mouth, if you, due to My will, bring the Gospel to the souls in darkness in the same way as you have received it from Me. For it is the pure truth, and this will even convince a soul hitherto steeped in wrong thought since it feels an inner happiness, it more or less perceives the truth like a good deed, its understanding of it begins to develop, it can no longer doubt what it effectively receives from Me .... The strength of My Word has a noticeable effect, the soul suddenly becomes illuminated, and what it had so far failed to understand suddenly becomes clear and is joyfully accepted. Just as misery and confusion caused by misguided teachings are great, so gladdening and intelligible is the truth .... And truth will always be found where My spirit can be effective, what I reveal to people through My spirit will always be truth. Therefore you should remain aware of the abundance of blessings you receive from Me and work with this gift of grace, pass on My Word, carry light into the darkness, illuminate everyone, give them the truth which you have received from Me Myself, and work for the benefit of those who are still living in spiritual darkness ....


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